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Promoting St. Louis' Revitalization Efforts
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Our Goals

Through ongoing efforts, ReVitalize St. Louis strives to:

St. Louis Botanical Garden


Be a resource for citizens about the city and the changes that are moving St. Louis into the future.


Educate the public on neighborhood evolution & improvements throughout the city.

Benton Park


Advocate for positive and innovative changes as they relate to the built environment.


Showcase our city’s great architectural heritage of both past & present.


Support existing civic and community organizations that align with our mission.


Create an virtual and real network of individuals who believe in bettering the future of St. Louis. 

Our Story

We are a non-profit organization that promotes ReVitalization efforts in the City of St Louis through education, support of progressive civic projects, and strengthening communities. 

Our Mission

We see the city where innovative development ideas are implemented with broad community support, where citizens celebrate the city’s unique building heritage, and where we can all work together toward a sustainable St. Louis.

Become a Team Member

We invite you to join one of our task forces or committees and donate your time in support of the our mission; to revitalize St. Louis. If you belong to an organization that is interested in getting involved you can support ReVitalize through corporate sponsorship opportunities.

St. Louis downtown

Loving our City

Sharing iDeas



Our passion is St. Louis Development.

Office Hours


9PM -5PM



(314) 944-6005


9700 Mackenzie Ave.
Affton, MO 63111