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Our vision for 2021

To tell the stories of those already doing good. To support the change makers, the doers- The people, the businesses, the non-profits, the community leaders, the social entrepreneurs. To highlight all of the good that is already here and inspire more of the same. To support those taking action every day. To challenge and empower those that could and should take action. Our vision is to connect and unify our communities to create a more powerful, sustainably resourced city that works in harmony and not in competition. 

How Do We Achieve This:

  • Tell the stories of 100 changemakers, and mobilize you to help them reach their goals
  • Up to $25,000 in grants for non-profits working to revitalize our city
  • Up to $25,000 to invest in small businesses making an impact
  • Events to highlight organizations working in four areas: education, arts and culture, health and safety, and economic development
Gentlemen of vision

Arts & Culture



Public Safety

Public Safety


Economic Development

Have Grit


Work with Purpose

Be Uncomfortable

Share Humanity


Challenge the Norm

Be Proactive

Our Vision

A powerful, sustainably resourced city works in harmony and not in competition. 


January 26th 6pm

Join us for a Live Facebook Event

We talk with Marlon Wharton, founder of the high school competitive step group Gentlement of Vision. 

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Interested in Arts and Culture, Education, Public Safety, or Economic Development? Let’s join forces and donate your time in support of revitalizing St. Louis. If you belong to an organization that is interested in getting involved, you can support ReVitalize through corporate sponsorship opportunities.

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