Our Story

The Vision

To tell the stories of those already doing good. To support the change makers, the doers- The people, the businesses, the non-profits, the community leaders, the social entrepreneurs. To highlight all of the good that is already here and inspire more of the same. To support those taking action every day. To challenge and empower those that could and should take action. Our vision is to connect and unify our communities to create a more powerful, sustainably resourced city that works in harmony and not in competition. 


Revitalize was formed to share the hidden gems of St Louis to newcomers and hometown folks alike. Early activities included sharing new development projects around the city, book clubs on local lit, and information for people looking to get involved in the community through restoration efforts or volunteer work.


With an active core of members interested in the historic architecture of St. Louis, ReVitalize began our popular Walking Tours and Rehabber’s Club events, focused on exploring the different neighborhoods of St. Louis and building a community across neighborhood divisions.


Sensing a need for more proactive community building, ReVitalize re-focused on four key pillars to determine a neighborhood’s success in revitalization: Arts and Culture, Education, Economic Development, and Public Safety.


ReVitalize adapted to the Covid-19 crisis, prioritizing the safety of its partners and community members.


With a redefined mission, ReVitalize hired the first Executive Director in its storied history.

Our Beliefs

  • Be the change maker
  • Everyone deserves an opportunity

  • When one succeeds, we all succeed

  • It must be attainable & sustainable

  • All people and all communities are better when they are doing good. Everyone benefits, it’s why we invest. It’s why we work together.

  • Every individual has access and support to join with and become changemakers and thought leaders.

Have Grit


Work with Purpose

Be Uncomfortable

Share Humanity


Challenge the Norm

Be Proactive

Loving our City

Sharing iDeas