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At ReVitalize, we envision a community where every person has the opportunity for economic advancement, personal and professional growth, and a strong sense of shared values.

This vision includes the non-negotiable values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. 

Diversity – because our different backgrounds, heritages, and experiences are what make us stronger. 

Equity – because we believe that factors such as race, religion, economic status, gender identity, ability, and language do not determine your worth as a human, but rather that all people deserve to access support and opportunities to place them on even footing. 

Inclusion – because our mission, Communities in Unity, requires a re-imagining of community where every voice is included. 

Justice – because without acknowledging the wrongs of the past, we cannot move forward into a community where every individual feels supported and heard.

We actively work to make our Board of Directors more diverse and representative of our community. We continuously seek input from our ever-expanding Professional Advisors Board, and we strive to connect and promote organizations in-line with our mission and goals. 



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