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Our members and our board are committed to improving our community and making a direct impact on the revitalization efforts in St. Louis. To grow our impact we need to increase the number of foot soldiers (boots on the ground) to spread the message that our city is in the midst of a renaissance. We invite you to join one of our task forces or committees and donate your time in support of the our mission; to revitalize St. Louis. If you belong to an organization that is interested in getting involved you can support ReVitalize through corporate sponsorship opportunities. However you choose to support us, your involvement can make a difference and we appreciate you!

Task Forces

The LOU Crew

The LOU Crew plans events that promote and support engagement and social activities designed to introduce new people to each other as well as neighborhood social activities and themed/interesting events that highlight everything great about St. Louis.

Community In Action

This group focuses on core initiatives and partnerships that support the neighborhoods and the programs that can have the greatest impact on ReVitalizing our community. By joining this task force, your focus is not only on the buildings that make up the neighborhoods but on the people that make it a neighborhood.

Rehabbers & ReVitalizers

Dedicated to providing resources to both small businesses and citizens who are interested in or actively working to revitalize St. Louis through rehabbing existing buildings or infilling with new construction. The Rehabbers Club is also focused on bringing attention to innovative projects in the city at all stages to promote the ongoing efforts to increase the health and vitality of the built environment in St. Louis.

Small Business Street Team

Dedicated to the collective interest of our small business members by promoting, informing, supporting and continuously improving the awareness and success of small businesses in St. Louis. This focused and consistent effort will strengthen small businesses, thereby contributing to the ReVitalization of the city and the growth of the local economy.

Funding & Resources

Dedicated to finding, tracking and obtaining funding for the support of the ReVitalize goals, it’s committees, task forces and allied community organizations to build and sustain programs and projects that are in line with the Mission of ReVitalize St. Louis.

The ReVitalize News Team

This Social Media “experts” help to share relevant and appropriate stories, events and happenings consistent with the mission and goals of ReVitalize St. Louis through our various social media platforms.

Board Led Committees


Dedicated to the recruitment, retention, member benefits and overall satisfaction of members. The Committee shall perform needs assessments, plan, develop, guide implementation, and evaluate member programs, to include (but is not limited to) benefits, services and/or programs consistent with the RVSTL mission.


Coordinates the Board’s annual and financial oversight responsibilities and develops long-range financial and capital plans, and shall perform such other such duties as may, from time to time, be required by the Board.


Steward the ReVitalize brand and image, assure that ReVitalize has internal and external marketing and communications programs targeted at specific market segments, and that our programs are consistent with clearly defined objectives to enhance the reputation and recognition of ReVitalize St. Louis. This committee coordinates the organizations’ outreach to its members and the community at large via all media streams including but not limited to; Social Media, e-mail campaigns, Website, etc.