January 5, 2020
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Revitalize St. Louis is a non-profit organization that promotes the revitalization efforts in the City of St Louis through education, support of progressive civic projects, and strengthening communities.

Historically they have hosted multiple events to raise money for the community and bring awareness. This year due to the current economic circumstances, these events were placed on pause. However, during this down time, Revitalize teamed up with The NexCore to ring in a new era. The NexCore was previously a substantial co-working space on the southside of St. Louis. It has recently morphed into a virtual business resource with a digital marketing agency.

Together they began the search for an Executive Director. Over three hundred applications were received. After a rigorous interview process a candidate was selected and Revitalize extended an offer.   

With great excitement, Revitalize officially announces Haley Jacobson as Executive Director and first paid employee in their 20 year existence. 

Haley is a St. Louis Native. Her degree from Reed College in Linguistics led her to spend 8 years in Asia where she taught ESL before launching an experiential travel company. She is fluent in 4 languages (Mandarin, German, English and Khmer.) 

Now that Haley has returned to her hometown, she will focus on executing the non-profit’s mission; to revitalize communities in St. Louis and surrounding areas through a collective collaboration dedicated to highlighting and supporting the people, programs, businesses and non-profits who are committed to advancing their communities.

In 2021, Revitalize will focus on four major areas; education, arts and culture, public service and safety, and economic development. With Haley steering the ship the non-profit will sail into 2021 as a connective agent giving a voice to organizations, creating an online resource that highlights each individual company while making introductions and creating relationships that mutually benefit one another. 

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